The Rolex Datejust we’re offering here is a somewhat early one with a serial number dating production back to 1962. The lovely so-called Dauphine or Dagger hands are the original ones while the rare, champagne coloured SWISS pie-pan dial, truly has gorgeous hour-markers. These so-called Fancy Markers are raised and machined in such a way they almost become miniature pieces of art. The markers at the six and nine position for instance are double the width of the other markers and have a small split, cut right down the middle – a truly stunning piece of machinery which will attract the attention of any vintage Rolex aficionado.

Different on these older Datejusts is the more wide spaced font on the dial, apart from the wider spacing, the font on the date-wheel is also different, these are larger and more block like with for instance a ‘hooked 7’ numeral – it’s all about details.. There is however a small scratch on this dial, just above the six o’clock position. Because of the studio lighting during photography this scratch is extremely visible on the photo’s above, on the wrist not so much – Just saying as this early Datejust offers a lot of vintage bang and is a watch you will not encounter everyday on your colleagues or friends wrist.

The case of this 1603 Datejust is still good with strong lugs on all sides. The watch is fitted on a later 62510 Jubilee bracelet, but a gorgeous leather or suede strap from our online shop would also look the part in combination with that beautiful champagne dial. This Iconic Rolex has been fully serviced and will be offered with a 12 month warranty.

reference: 1603
casenumber: 822XXXX
year of production: 1962
case diameter: 36mm
movement: automatic, caliber 1565
box and papers: no