WatchWorks Haarlem / Superhero Watch Prints Release

Superhero Watch Prints Release

by | 2 March 2019 | Superhero Watch Prints | 0 comments


On Saturday March the 2nd, WatchWorks released our Limited Edition, in-house designed ‘Superhero Watch Prints’ at one of our favourite store’s in Haarlem, Kloffie! We made these watch prints in collaboration with designer, Careaux. You might know Careaux from her work and collaborations with sneaker brands like Puma, Fila, Nike and Filing Pieces. Careaux’s colourful and cartoon-ish style of design, matched with our love for comic superhero’s and pop-art, eventually resulted in these Limited Edition Superhero Watch Prints, where we matched the nicknames of these famous Rolex watches to their counterpart Superhero’s.

As mentioned these prints are Limited Edition’s, only 125 pieces were produced, once gone they will never be available again. At the moment of writing this, only 15 prints are still available for purchase, please visit our online shop to see if your favourite Superhero is still present and vigilent – Thanks for watching!