Welcome to WatchWorks Haarlem, where passion meets precision in the world of collectible vintage and pre-loved wristwatches. Founded by certified watchmaker Farid Froon, WatchWorks is more than just a purveyor of timepieces; it’s a culmination of 20 years of hands-on experience and a deep-rooted love for horology. Farid, the creative behind WatchWorks Haarlem, has meticulously built this company on a foundation of expertise acquired over two decades in the intricate world of watches. His commitment to craftsmanship and authenticity sets WatchWorks apart.

At WatchWorks Haarlem, we infuse our daily operations with a personal touch. Farid and his wife Laura are the buzzing duo behind the scenes that ensure that our horological activities go smoothly. Their enthusiasm and dedication go beyond the timepieces themselves, encompassing all aspects of our customer experience. Additionally, we are lucky to work closely with wonderful friends that share our goals. Friends like Jeroen, Djaccomo and Nick for instance, trustworthy allies who lend their expertise to help us improve our online presence by capturing the soul of our timepieces in breathtaking images. We, as a small but close-knit team, strive to deliver to you not merely timepieces, but a carefully crafted voyage into the world of ageless horological beauty.

What truly distinguishes us is not only Farid’s watchmaking understanding, but also our commitment to a ‘quality over quantity’ mindset. Our collection is not vast, but it’s solid, embodying a carefully curated selection of timepieces. Some of these watches are exclusive to WatchWorks, a testament to our dedication to offering a unique and exceptional range that you won’t find elsewhere.

Farid’s dedication to excellence extends beyond our company or collection. WatchWorks Haarlem collaborates with the very best watchmakers and Officially Certified Service Centers. This commitment ensures that our own watches, as well as those entrusted to us by our clients, undergo meticulous sales preparation and full-service overhauls.

When you choose WatchWorks Haarlem, you’re not just buying a watch; you’re investing in the history of (vintage) timepieces and their craftsmanship, its authenticity, and our highly personalized service and after-sales. Explore our collection and indulge in the world of (vintage) horological excellence.

Team WatchWorks Haarlem

Selected Partners

At WatchWorks Haarlem, we take great pride in fostering close partnerships and collaborations with select (luxury) companies. These alliances are carefully curated to seamlessly blend the world of horology with other realms of opulence, all thanks to our carefully developed relationships.