Why ‘De Koepel’?

The transformed ‘De Koepel’ in Haarlem exemplifies clever redevelopment. This historical monument, which was once a prison, has been transformed into an office building with a thriving ecology of retail businesses, technology, artificial intelligence workshops, and start-ups. ‘De Koepel’s unique selling points are its sophisticated and contemporary facilities, which make it an appealing location for both professionals and guests.

‘De Koepel’ is more than just an office building; it’s a thriving hub that inspires professionals;
Its walls host creative organizations, resulting in a thriving ecosystem of innovation and collaboration. The facility goes beyond traditional workspaces by providing cutting-edge services such as modern offices, meeting rooms, podcast studio and more. This atmosphere produces an agile, inspiring, and inventive work culture that drives its employees’ growth and success. The strategic position of ‘De Koepel’ provides professionals with the benefits of closeness to the city center, the quiet of green spaces around the building, and access to different services, including sunny terraces, a nearby grocery store, and a “green mobility” hub. These aspects work together to create a workspace that not only promotes productivity but also values a well-rounded work-life balance for individuals who choose to thrive within its walls. After work, you are able to dine in the restaurant in De Koepel’s historic administration building (above which a boutique hotel will shortly open). If you still have some energy left after dinner, you can enjoy a wonderful film in the boutique cinema, which is the core area of the Koepel building.

The reimagined ‘De Koepel’ is an enticing location for professionals seeking a dynamic work environment and visitors eager to discover a harmonious blend of history and modernity in the City of Haarlem.