Hunter Green


In a sea of neutral tone straps, a great colour that is a little different is always going to polarise people. Green is one of those colours that people warm to, or struggle with. During Molequin’s quest for the perfect green strap, they realised that there was a fine line between a great green and a mediocre one. We hope you’ll agree that they got it 100% right with this Hunter Green!

For the lining of the strap, a premium calf leather is used which prolongs the life of all Molequin straps by creating a barrier between the leather of the strap and your skin. Thus preventing excessive damage from moisture and sweat.



Every strap is fitted with the standard 16mm brushed buckle. If you would like to purchase the  16 mm premium buckle, please click here.

Please note that colours can vary slightly to the ones shown as each hide is unique.

*Customs/duties are the responsibility of the buyer.

Additional information

Strap length:

115/75mm (medium). Please contact us if you are in need of a ‘short’ strap (105/70mm).


A uniform 2.5mm. Making this a relatively thin strap and very comfortable on the wrist.