Lago Green

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This medium shade of Lago green reminds of the classic, British Racing Green and especially matches brilliant with sports watches, but will also look the part on smaller sized (golden) timepieces. This Grained strap features a contrasting, ecru cotton stitching and is a noticeable and outstanding color – Truly one of our favourites.

All straps in our Signature collection taper down to 16mm, except for the 22mm ones, these taper down to 18mm. All are fitted with a stainless steel, brushed buckle.

For the lining of all straps a premium calf leather is used which prolongs the life of the strap by creating a barrier between the leather of the strap and your skin, preventing excessive damage from moisture and sweat.

All straps measure 115mm x 75mm and have a uniform thickness of 2.5mm.

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