Oyster Bay


Our Oyster Bay strap has an intriguing grey-blue shade, which surprisingly does not contain any blue pigment. The extra strength and depth of this colour makes it excellent for modern and vintage watches alike. It’s truly an eye-catching strap which will invite compliments only. The Oyster Bay will look sensational on watches with a dark, grey or white dial or on any gold watch for that matter, the latter will add a dash of warmth to the cool color of the strap – Great choice for Summer!

All straps in our Signature collection taper down to 16mm and are fitted with a stainless steel, brushed buckle. Should you be interested in adding one of our Premium or Gold-plated buckles, then please click here

For the lining of all straps a premium calf leather is used which prolongs the life of the strap by creating a barrier between the leather of the strap and your skin, preventing excessive damage from moisture and sweat.

All straps measure 115mm x 75mm and have a uniform thickness of 2.5mm.