Our Grained, Sandstone strap is an engaging natural shaded yellow-beige colour. Primarily based on yellow ochre, we have pared it back with extra white to create a paler effect which also makes it the ideal strap for the upcoming Summer season. A first-class strap with ton-sur-ton stitching which will look amazing on any watch – vintage or modern.

All straps in our Signature collection taper down to 16mm and are fitted with a stainless steel, brushed buckle. Should you be interested in adding one of our Premium or Gold-plated buckles, then please click here

For the lining of all straps a premium calf leather is used which prolongs the life of the strap by creating a barrier between the leather of the strap and your skin, preventing excessive damage from moisture and sweat.

All straps measure 115mm x 75mm and have a uniform thickness of 2.5mm.



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