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Boy-Size Watches: A Man’s Choice

While a bit of an arbitrary term, boy-size watches are an industry term indicating men’s watches with a smaller diameter. Although there is no set definition of the size, in general, this is between 30 – 32mm. Mind you, we are talking here about more sportive watches, as the term boy-size is not used for dress watches, which tend to have a smaller diameter anyway.

While quite popular in the 1940s, 50s, and 60s, this size watch has entered obscurity in recent years or is adopted by the fairer sex. With trends favoring larger watches, the smaller ones are often overlooked, which is a pity. One of the best-known makers of boy-size watches is Rolex. The brand has always been conservative in terms of size, as its best-selling Datejust and Day-Date is traditionally a mere 36mm, and even most of its iconic sports watches are only 40mm in diameter. These look great on even larger wrists, but the same goes when you size down a bit more.

The smaller boy-size watches have as an advantage that you see more of the strap or bracelet on the wrist, which gives it a very balanced look. The watch is also less likely to overpower, while the smaller size draws attention these days. Those worried that it might look feminine might also be surprised, as this only happens when either the proportions are off (which isn’t the case with Rolex) or the dial design is very elegant using, for example, mother-of-pearl. In any other case, you will be surprised how well a boy-size watch will look on your wrist.

An added advantage is the wearing comfort, which is further increased. As the watch is smaller, it is also lighter and less likely to interfere with the movements of your wrist and hand. In that matter, we can consider a boy-size timepiece a delicacy within the watch world and the choice of a discerning man.