WatchWorks Haarlem / WatchWorks Haarlem ╳ BMW Dusseldorp

WatchWorks Haarlem ╳ BMW Dusseldorp

In early 2019 BMW Dusseldorp approached WatchWorks Haarlem to be part of the festive unveiling of the then all new BMW 3 series & the all new BMW Z4 Roadster – BMW wanted to offer their clients a new sort of experience with something else to admire then just the cars. Since we love the BMW brand and agreed upon their cool plan to show (vintage) watches in their showroom amidst all of the best BMW has to offer, including a 3-series (E21) from 1975 in mint condition, we agreed with a firm; Let’s Do It!

On the 14th and 15th of March we welcomed all of the excited visitors and watched them admire the amazing cars, beautiful vintage watches and enjoy the best food and drinks. We had the pleasure of meeting passionate car and watch enthusiast and made new clients in the process – We had an absolute blast! Above is our video recap of the opening night, enjoy!