116233 Fully Stickered NOS

As you may know, Rolex watches nowadays are hardly available with the factory stickers still attached to the watch. Since a couple of years, AD personnel is obligated to remove those stickers which protect the stainless steel and precious metals from scratches, and to make sure the client takes possession of their new pride and joy in brand new factory conditions. Therefor finding a ‘stickered’ Rolex doesn’t happen all to often anymore, unless… Unless that watch was bought 12 years ago, went into a safe upon return home never to be taken out again (except on the occasional birthday or Christmas Eve party to show off the watch and tell the story). Which story is that I hear you thinking..

Back in 2010 a certain Dutch businessman visited Iran for the umpteenth time or so, a country which at that point he has been doing business with for almost 25 years, and this business trip was no different. The Dutch businessman went to Iran to discuss new, and for both sides beneficial deals, only to be surprised by Iranian officials with this staggering two-tone, 116233 Rolex Datejust with golden diamond dial. The Iranian Party bought the Dutch gentleman this watch to show their appreciation and celebrate the 25 years of business between the two. Overwhelmed and very much appreciated of the gift, the watch was however a bit too eccentric for the Dutchman’s taste, and ended up in the safe about a week later – only to be taken out occasionally to show it to visiting friends and family. Until now of course, now we are very happy to offer you guys this wonderful and fully stickered, New Old Stock Rolex Datejust with factory diamond dial – the watch is basically new with a beautiful and warm (almost reddish) glow on almost of all the yellow gold parts due to the untouched and aged nature of the gold. Not too worry though, this discoloration can easily be removed by using a polishing cloth. We’re curious to see who will peel off the stickers on this two-tone charmer for the first time 🙂

This 116233 fully stickered NOS Rolex Datejust received a full check-up by our watchmakers, surprisingly the watch still performed within the Rolex factory, and COSC specifications, therefor it wasn’t necessary to open up the case. Having said that, you will of course still receive our 24 month extensive warranty, and will receive the watch its very first full service of the movement (whenever that will be) free of charge.

reference: 116233
case number: random serial
year of production: 2010
case diameter: 36mm
movement: automatic, Rolex caliber 3135
box and papers: yes, full set