In the past 21 years of the Breitling Emergency’s existence, this wrist watch with its build-inn miniaturized emergency transmitter, saved 29 lives. All because the ones who were unfortunate enough to find themselves in danger and distress, were fortunate to own and wear a Breitling Emergency watch. It truly is a Tool-watch in the broadest sense of the term and one that does its job very well. We’ve selected two rescue stories of such horological survival, if interested you can read about it here and here.

The Emergency we’re offering today is completely manufactured from high grade titanium, including the so-called Fighter bracelet and its flip-lock clasp. Because of this, the watch wears very comfortable and feels like a lightweight, despite it’s size of 44mm and the protruding housing of the large and smaller antennas on the watch. This Breitling Emergency is equipped with one large antenna located on the outside of the case around the five o’clock position, the other smaller auxiliary antenna is located just around the eleven o’clock position. When the caps of the emergency antenna’s are unscrewed and the antenna is pulled from it’s housing, the watch starts transmitting on the 121,5 MHz International Aviation Distress Frequency, the letter B for Breitling is also transmitted in morse-code in one minute intervals, which differentiates the watch from other types of rescue beacons. The watch will transmit for 48 hours and can reach a range from 90 to 220 nautical miles, depending on terrain and weather conditions.

This full set Breitling features the matte black Breitling case, all paperwork, booklet, VHS video tape (I hope someone still owns a VHS player..) Breitling service booklet, hangtag, emergency transmitter testing device and Breitling screwdriver. This Emergency received a full movement check and the batteries for the movement and for the emergency transmitter were freshly replaced and fully tested. She will be sold with a 12 month warranty.

reference: E56321
casenumber: 336420
year of production: 1999
case diameter: 44mm
movement: Breitling Quartz caliber with Emergency /SOS beacon transmitter
box and papers: yes