Cartier SolarBeat ‘Tank Talks’

We seem to have a knack for discovering rare, Amsterdam-themed Cartier timepieces.. The Cartier Tank SolarBeat we’re offering here is ONE OF ONLY TWO watches ever delivered to the Netherlands with this particular engraving, and was presented in 2021 at the Amsterdam Cartier Boutique in the PC Hooftstraat (amidst all the COVID madness) as a complimentary ‘thank you’ to two gentlemen responsible for sharing their passion and deep (vintage) knowledge about the Cartier brand with the staff at the Amsterdam Cartier Boutique, along with certain staff members from the Cartier Amsterdam office. Needless to say, we’re dealing with an extremely rare and unusual Tank watch, from where nothing notable can actually be seen on the front. However, the back of the watch displays the engraving; Tank Talks Amsterdam 2021. This engraving was executed by Cartier Paris, from where the two timepieces were also transported from, directly to the Amsterdam Cartier boutique. Now, not only the case-back engraving, or the “Tank Talks” event was special, also the Cartier box delivered with this watch is different from any other as it is embossed with gold capital lettering, displaying the unique initials of the recipient.

In June 2021, a significant event called “Tank Talks” was held at the Cartier Boutique in Amsterdam, situated at the prestigious P.C. Hooftstraat. The event was organized to motivate the sales staff through engaging narratives and insights about the Tank watches. The main speakers at the event were George Cramer and Martin Green, who shared stories and anecdotes about the Tank collection, aiming to provide a deeper understanding of the legacy of the Tank watches to the sales staff. The event took place at the historic Conservatorium Hotel in Amsterdam before moving to the Amsterdam Cartier boutique. The primary goal of the talk was to discuss the legacy of the Tank watch with the sales staff as a prelude to the arrival of the newly launched Tank models in stores. The presentation covered the history, design, and mechanics of different Tank models, emphasizing the exchange of experiences, thoughts, and opinions between the speakers and the sales staff. Due to COVID-19 restrictions at the time, multiple talks were conducted to accommodate the limited number of people allowed in the boutique – Rare Tank models, including the Tank Obus, Tank Asymètrique, and Tank Chinoise, were also displayed, providing a unique opportunity for the staff to interact with these horological delicacies. To commemorate the event, Cartier distributed copies of George’s book, Cartier, The Gentleman’s Files, to each sales associate, allowing them to delve into the rich heritage of the Cartier Tank and other models after the Tank Talks.. The event concluded with an exciting and fruitful experience for all participants, promoting a deeper understanding of the Cartier Tank collection.

For further explanation on what exactly the SolarBeat movement is, or how it works, we are quoting Cartier for this next paragraph; “The SolarBeat movement is Swiss made and powered by photovoltaic energy, meaning that the battery of the watch recharges when exposed to daylight and artificial light. This photovoltaic movement can work for at least 16 years without battery replacement and works via the perforated dial, which allows the light to reach the photovoltaic cell underneath; the battery storing the energy will recharge quite rapidly depending on the exposure to light. When fully charged, the battery has an autonomy of about 5 months. However, please be aware that the watch should be frequently exposed to light for a better efficiency and to ensure a normal behavior of the battery”.

Even though this Tank is only two years young, we had the movement and battery-cell fully checked via the Cartier Service Center. As expected, the movement and the entire watch performed perfectly. and this Cartier SolarBeat ‘Tank Talks’ will be delivered with our extensive two year warranty.

reference: 4366
case number: 71XXXXXX
year of production: 2021
case diameter: 23mm x 33mm
movement: Cartier’s SolarBeat Photovoltaic movement
box and papers: yes