We’re very happy to present to you this magnificent Gilt dial 5513 Submariner in all original conditions. The watch remains unpolished with a strong case and still visible chamfers on all four of it’s lugs. The original 7206/58 Riveted Oyster bracelet remains in a good condition with well conditioned folded links and and unpolished folding clasp. This 5513 is fitted with the correct MK2 fat font insert which is faded to a very nice grey tone, but once outside in the sun, the insert displays purple hues – completely bonkers! Please note that the above photo’s don’t do justice to this watch! You really need to see this one with your own two eyes, preferably outside in the daylight – One look and your sold!

Like all Gilt dial Submariners, these watches were fitted with so-called ‘meters first’ dials, displaying the depth capability in meters (200m) before the equivalent depth in feet (660ft). Our Submariner with it’s 1.2 case serial from 1966 is equipped with such a dial and was also part of the very last batch of 5513 Submariners made with a meters first, Gilt dial before Rolex transitioned to the all matte black dials. Look closely at the plots on the dial and you will see a dark yellow tritium, it’s actually the same colour as the Tritium inside the Gilt hands, but on the plots the Tritium is slighly thinned out. The dial’s mirror gloss finish is a huge part of this watch it’s desirability and amazing looks, there is however a star-like blemish just beneath the three o’clock position, other than that, this mirror Gilt dial is an exceptional beauty with a high gloss finish, stunning ‘Gilt printing’ and a depth to the dial one could drown in – You will catch yourself gazing at this dial more often than not. The crystal on this 5513 Submariner is a so-called super dome crystal, this only adds to the already amazing vintage presence of this rare Rolex Tool-watch.

This Gilt Submariner is a true Vintage Rolex classic, it’s a pretty rare Sub and not an easy watch to find in this particular, all original condition. The movement was fully serviced by our watchmaker according the Rolex specs and the watch will be sold with a twelve month warranty.

reference: 5513
case number: 12XXXXX
year of production: 1966
case diameter: 40mm
movement: automatic, caliber 1520
box and papers: No