Longines Mystery Dial 14k

Mystery watches have always been a niche market, of which their height was in the 1950s in the United States. Powered by a mechanical movement, they added a dash of mystery on how one or more of the hands moved. Longines was one of the few brands that catered to this market with several different models, of which this is one of them. They differ in the number of diamonds with which they were set. The base model didn’t have any diamonds at all, with the model above that to feature only diamonds on the hands. This particular version is one of the top-of-the-line models, indicating the hours with a set of three brilliant-cut diamonds.
Despite the generous use of these precious stones, is the watch rather restrained in appearance. The silver dial, combined with the polished, white gold case, helps with this. The hour hand consists of three diamonds placed, so it resembles an arrow. It is placed on a disc, adding the “mystery” element. The minute hand is a true balancing act, as it features a brilliant-cut diamond at its tip and one at the base. As the cut style of these stones was slightly different in the 1950s than it is today, they reflect the light in a more subtle way. It gives this Longines not only an undeniable vintage look but also makes it perfect for people who want to enjoy a diamond-set watch without it being overly flashy. In all honesty, with the right strap, this Longines Mystery is surprisingly versatile, even being able to strike the right tone with a casual outfit of denim as easily as with formal evening wear.
This magical, Longines Mystery dial wristwatch was fulyl serviced by our expert watchmaker, for obvious reasons we stayed away from polishing the white gold case. As always this wonderful vintage Longines will be sold with our 24 month warranty.

case number: 
year of production: ca. 1950’s
case diameter: 32mm
box and papers: no