Longines Signet 18k

In the years after WWII, prosperity rose to new heights in the United States. Where Europe was still struggling to get back on its feet, more money was made by more people on the other side of the ocean than ever before. In a true American tradition, it was okay to show your wealth as a testimony of your own success and as an inspiration for others. This resulted in a great demand for high-end timepieces, in which many Swiss brands were happy to oblige. One of the most successful in this was Longines. Back then, the brand was positioned quite differently in the market than today and could even rival Patek Philippe with some of its top offerings.
This Longines Signet is such an offering, being one of the most expensive watches you could buy from the brand in the 1950s. Its design is rather restrained if not for the original diamond setting on the bezel and lugs. With this, Longines catered to a particular part of the American market, as men of great wealth opted to show this by wearing diamond set pieces. While watches with diamonds for men can be frowned upon in Europe, this Longines shows how it can be done with style. They maintained a classic look for the dial, while the rectangular shape of the case is perfect for the symmetrical setting. The diamonds on the lugs testify that we are dealing with a watch from the highest category. This is further confirmed by the white gold case. Traditionally gold cases for the US market were 14 karat gold, but this Longines Signet is made from the more expensive 18 karat gold. There is also an additional gem to be found, and that is inside the case, as the manual wound movement can easily stand up in terms of design and finishing against the most renowned names in Swiss watchmaking. It makes this Longines a most precious creation through and through, and the perfect watch for a connoisseur of vintage watches who is looking for something very precious and special.
This spectacular Longines Signet manufactured from 18k White Gold was fully serviced, but we stayed away from any polishing of the case (for obvious reasons). She will be sold with our 24 month warranty.

case number:
year of production: ca. 1950’s
case diameter: mm x mm
box and papers: no