Omega Enamel & Pink gold

In the annals of horological history, early Omega pocket-watches stand as an exquisite example of craftsmanship and elegance. The near 110 year old example we’re offering here is manufactured in 14k rose gold! and this timepiece boasts a spotless white enamel dial, adorned with black printed fancy Arabic numerals, with the time being read by gold cathedral hands. The above makes it a true masterpiece of its era, especially considering the fact that his pocket-watch was manufactured during the First World War

The enamel dial on this Omega is a testament to the artistry and precision of its Swiss creators. Crafting an enamel dial is a meticulous process, involving the application of finely ground glass to a metal base, which is then heated to high temperatures to create a glossy, vitreous surface. The artisans of that time had to be adept at controlling the temperature and consistency of the enamel to achieve a flawless result. The perfect and spotless enamel dial of this pocket-watch showcases the expertise and dedication of the watchmakers in achieving a harmonious blend of functionality and aesthetics – considering the age of this timepiece, its overall condition, and especially that of the enamel dial, the condition is truly fantastic. The black printed fancy Arabic numerals on the enamel dial lend a classic touch, allowing for easy legibility and adding a sense of sophistication to the timepiece. The cathedral hands, with their slender and graceful design, complement the overall aesthetic, reflecting a sense of refined elegance. At the six o’clock position of the dial, a small seconds indicator enables the wearer to observe the smooth, uninterrupted movement of the seconds hand. Also, take note of the lovely fonts chosen for the Omega name and logo, as well for the Arabic numerals, and the small seconds sub-dial. Keep in mind that the entire dial was created entirely by hand, as well as the golden case.. Make no mistake, this was next level watch making in 1914. Most likely the watch was comissioned by the original buyer somewhere in 1916 (judging by the inscription)

The back of this Omega pocket-watch features an intricate Guilloché pattern, a delicate and elaborate motif created by skilled artisans. The process of Guilloché involves engraving intricate patterns onto the metal surface using specialized lathes. The result is a mesmerizing symphony of light and shadow that enhances the watch’s allure. The manual labor invested in crafting the guilloché pattern exemplifies the dedication of the watchmakers in creating an aesthetically pleasing timepiece. Unfortunately, Omega’s Extract from the Archives service is temporarily unavailable, cause it would be so cool to find out more about the origins of this beautiful pocket-watch, especially considering the era it was made in.. However, as time marches on, our Omega pocket-watch from 1914 continues to captivate with its timeless beauty and craftsmanship, reflecting an era when luxury was an art form and every second counted.

case number: 5593896
serial number: 4948472
year of production: circa 1914, most likely sold in 1916
precious metal: 14k pink gold
case diameter: 49mm
movement: manual wind
box and papers: accompanied by handmade wooden box with a hand-cut Mother of Pearl inlay