Oysterquartz Datejust “Buckley”

What we really love about this all steel Oysterquartz Datejust is the fact that it is an early version of the model, and instead of having a more modern looking sunburst dial (which we see more often) this beauty features a matte white Buckley dial with a design purely reminiscent of vintage Datejust watches from the late 1970’s. It is a true powerhouse, based and inspired by early Beta 21 designs (the Rolex reference 5100) with a whole lot of charm and wonderful vintage presence on the wrist. One will recognize that this watch is truly something else and special in the vintage Rolex realm.

As always, quality is key, so as you have come to expect from WatchWorks, this 17000 reference still remains in one hell of a condition, featuring a razor-sharp bracelet that does not show any stretch. The entire case and bezel are the same; razor-sharp, no damages, and a clean and all original, matte white ‘Buckley’ dial with the original black hands to match. The Oysterquartz is already a rare production model, partially due to it’s quartz movement of course, but this movement-type features a drive mechanism for the Rolex designed quartz movements which is remarkably similar to that of a typical mechanical watch escapement; The pulse motor drives a pallet fork, which rotates a pallet wheel. This wheel moves the second hand at a 1:1 ratio, with one tick each second. The hour and minute hands are powered by this pallet wheel. The loud “tick” one hears every second is from the pallets engaging the pallet wheel. That is why the tick of the 5035 movement has such a distinct sound and is extremely similar to the tick of a mechanical watch. This drive mechanism also guarantees that the second hand moves smoothly around the dial with little backlash, as the pallet fork effectively locks the hand in position between each beat. Apart from the technical aspect of the Oysterquartz, this particular timepiece is simply fresh and stunning looking, and will effortlessly keep up with the other giants in the “integrated bracelet” universe, but at a much more affordable price-point..

This Oysterquartz Datejust “Buckley” was fully serviced with new and original parts to the 5035 movement, including a new pulse motor. This fantastic vintage Rolex will be delivered with a one year warranty.

reference: 17000
case number: 625XXXX
year of production: 1979
case diameter: 36mm
movement: Rolex Quartz movement, caliber 5035
box and papers: no