As you know we are all about quality, and when it comes to Datejust watches we like to find you guys the coolest (non-standard) dials out there – here’s another example of that philosophy. At first, it looks like an ordinary silver dial, but look close and you will notice that this pie-pan dial has a finish, often refered to as ‘Vertical Brushing’ Most Datejust dials have a sunburst or matte finish to them, but this beauty has vertical lines applied in a slightly rough way, giving this dial the coolest texture – When was the last time you saw one of these…

This beautiful and rare dial features even more beautiful Fancy hour-markers. Each marker is divided into quarters with each there own sharply cut facet/edge. This has been executed in such a way that each index and facet will reflect the light, giving this dial, and the entire watch a very exclusive look and feel. Whichever way you wear or turn the watch on the wrist, the indexes will shine and glitter and will remind you that you’re wearing a rare vintage Datejust watch. The folded Jubilee bracelet has some stretch to it, but is still in a fair condition.

All in all, a rare Datejust with stunning dial, smooth bezel and desirable Jubilee bracelet.
This entire watch was fully serviced according to the Rolex specs and will be sold with a twelve month warranty.

reference: 1600
case number: 142XXXX
year of production: 1966
case diameter: 36mm
movement: automatic, caliber 1575
box and papers: no