The Rolex Day-Date! A watch worn by Presidents, it decorated the wrists of Winston Churchill and Dwight Eisenhower (Later, the Day-Date was nicknamed President for this reason). But the watch is also pretty popular with (Hollywood) Entertainers and many collectors. To us, the Rolex Day-Date is simply one of the best watches ever made, especially a vintage example with it’s sexy plexiglass and pie-pan dial. For decades it was Rolex it’s number one showpiece and most high end watch. The (vintage) Day-Date was made with different finishes and many different dials, these different Day-Dates with their own unique dials and bezels were accompanied by their own reference. This 1807 reference is a good example of such a watch. As you might know, the 1803 is the ‘standard’ plexi Day-Date with fluted bezel and smooth President bracelet. The 1807 sets itself apart from this standard with it’s ‘Bark’ finish on the bezel and on the center links of the President bracelet.

The watch itself is in a very good condition, the case and bracelet show hardly any sign of wear. Even the 18ct gold President bracelet which usually has some stretch, is still pretty tight. The pie-pan dial is something special in it’s own right, but because of the amazing grey color, the entire watch looks even better! The stick markers are perfect and all Tritium spheres are whole and perfectly in place. The dial itself is flawless! No traces of aging, moist or any other damage.

For a while a majority of folks considered this watch a real No No. Was it too flashy? a watch for ‘gangsters’ perhaps? To us that’s just bullcrap! We are happy that nowadays the Day-Date is fully accepted by the masses, it makes the watch-world a more happier place!

The Day-Date has been fully checked by our watchmaker and comes with a one year warranty. Because of the overall, wonderful condition, we chose not to polish/brush the case and/or bracelet. Want it polished? No problem, just give us the word and it will be done, choice is yours!

reference: 1807
casenumber: 18… …
year of production: 1968
case diameter: 36mm
movement: automatic
material: 18ct yellow gold
box and papers? no