Rolex GMT-Master 16713

The watch you see here has to be one of the very first gold and steel executed GMT-Master 2’s. You see, the GMT-Master II was unveiled in 1983 (reference 16760) but was exclusively offered in stainless steel back then. It wasn’t until 1989, when Rolex upgraded the model again, that it would be introduced as a two-tone GMT-Master II executed in stainless steel and 18k yellow gold (the watch we’re offering here). Our GMT II has a late R serial case number, corresponding with a production date of and around 1988, meaning this must have been one of the very first 16713 GMT-Master II watches manufactured in gold and steel, to come off the Geneve assembly line.

As you may well know, the Rolex GMT-Master II 16713 can display two time zones with just its two hour hands. It is able to do so because the local 12-hour hand and the 24-hour GMT-hand move independently of one another, allowing you as the wearer of the watch to display two different time zones on just the dial, and one can even free up the bezel for quick access to even a third timezone if necessary, but please note that you will not be able to display all three timezones at once, just the two, which is already special enough.. 🙂 Take a close look at the photo’s and you will see that we are dealing with a GMT-Master II with most likely an unpolished case and bezel, and most likely an unpolished Jubilee bracelet too. You see, if you polish an 18k yellow golden bezel just once, it is immediately noticeable, look close and you’ll see the sharp edges all around, the same applies to all four of the fat lugs and the visible sleek chamfers. Lastly the Jubilee bracelet shows little stretch and no wear or tear on the golden center-links of the bracelet. The folding clasp must have been polished once or twice (most likely to get rid of the first scratches) but still remains in a fair condition. Of course the watch is covered in hairline scratches due to years of wear (it is of course still a Toolwatch!) but if desired we can make everything look like new again, we’ll leave the  choice of a polish up to the potential buyer.

While the Rolex GMT-Master II was built as a workhorse – a tool for those traveling and working internationally across multiple time zones, it is also a watch often enjoyed as just a beautiful and leisure timepiece, and with the Summer moving in rapidly, this two-tone beauty with its black details (the best combo imho) will no doubt give the wearer a lot of joy and a lot of bang for its buck!

reference: 16713
case number: Late R-serial
year of production: 1988
case diameter: 40mm
movement: automatic, Rolex caliber 3185
box and papers: boxes, booklets and receipts.